Video Marketing in 2019 Made (Stupidly) Easy (Small Business Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy)

Because in Video Marketing in 2019 Made (Stupidly) Easy – Vol.2 of the Small Business Marketing Collection you’ll learn, in this no-nonsense guide, such juicy morsels as:

  • “Which Kind of Online Video You Should Do (and Should Not Do)” – Forget about creating another rambling, ineffective video ever again. In this chapter we’ll go over a strategy to ensure all your YouTube activity leads to gains in your marketing social media efforts.
  • “Total Tech Newbie’s Guide to Video Gear” – Don’t worry if you don’t know your white balance from your DSLR. We’ll show you how to get geared up, no matter your budget. (Remember consistent production is far more important quality when marketing with social media.)
  • “The Anatomy of the Perfect Video” – What do you have to make sure each video leads to YouTube money…not just YouTube wasted time. In this chapter we’ll dissect the perfect lead-generating video and how to emulate the very best in the biz.
  • “How to Promote the Hell Out of Your Online Video” – Don’t worry, this ain’t all about YouTube advertising. (Though that can eventually be effective.) This, instead, is how to leverage tons of promotional opportunities, many of them while you sleep, to get your videos out into the world.
  • “Super-Advanced Ninja YouTube Hacks (the Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know About” – I can’t tell you about them here…otherwise the competition will know! But I promise, for those using social media in marketing funnels, if you try out these hacks you’ll see lead-gen efforts grow exponentially in no time.

    Community Review 

  • I admit, I’m new to the whole YouTube marketing thing. At the same time, I know I need to get over my fear of getting my message out in this way.
    So along comes Mike Clarke’s hilariously helpful book, Video Marketing That Doesn’t Suck. It’s actually the second book by him that I’ve read, the first one being Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck (also great).
    Mike really nailed it for me! He lays out easy-to-understand and implement ideas to make and promote videos in a warm, irreverent, and incredibly helpful way. I’m starting to use his recommendations for promoting my book and message, and I’m eager to see the results. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to reach a much larger audience with their work. Way to go, Mike!!
    Art Maines, LCSW, author of Scammed: 3 Steps to Help Your Elder Parents and Yourself
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